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Experience Rovinj and its beauties with many activities in the city and its surroundings, relax and enjoy on the numerous beaches and coves hidden in Rovinj archipelago.


Experience Rovinj and its beauties with many activities in the city and its surroundings, relax and enjoy on the numerous beaches and coves hidden in Rovinj archipelago.


Individual windsurfing course for beginners is recommended for everyone from 6-66 years. Advanced windsurfing course is provided for everyone who mastered the elements of the beginner course and wants to continue with their education in windsurfing. Begin with stand up paddling now. It will change your life. All you need to know is to go into the water and have fun.

Sailing experience

Day on a sailing boat offers an unforgetable sailing experience for the enthusiastic sailors as well as for beginners, under the guidance of experienced skippers. You will be included in all aspects of sailing including steerage of the sailing boat, trimming the sail, handling the ropes, or if you wish, just sitting and enjoying the sailing. It is possible to anchor in breath-taking coves of the Rovinj archipelago for swimming, snorkelling and having a light lunch.


In Rovinj and the surroundings one can enjoy in delicious traditional food and tasty Istrian wines. Rovinj restaurants will impress you with wide choice of creative dishes from fresh fish, crabs and shells, Istrian prosciutto, truffles and wild asparagus. Sommeliers will recommend you a glass of Istrian malvasia, chardonnay, white and grey pinot or red wines like teran, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.


A surrounding of Rovinj is full of well furnished (?) biking tracks. Use fully your vacation to discover beautiful Istrian nature. Organized excursion by bicycles will save you a lot of trouble and ensure that everything goes according to plan. The excursion is well planned, and all the dead ends, wrong turns and other inevitable problems on a self-organized trip will be avoided. Our co-operators offer bicycles and all needed gear.

Rovinja sightseeing

As one of the most charming towns in the Adriatic, Rovinj has plenty of landmarks and sights worth visiting during a vacation in Istria, whether it is a longer trip or just a short stay for weekend. Professional tourist guide will introduce you to all the hidden beauties of Rovinj, specially the Old city, which is one of the most frequent motives of Istria and Croatia on postcards and brochures. Stone streets and old squares are full of artists.

Kayak tours

Kayaking is the unique way of experiencing and exploring the amazing coast of Istrian peninsula, Rovinj archipelago, protected landscape of Lime channel (?) and Brijuni national park. We cannot promise you’ll see dolphins, but we can guarantee an unforgettable experience. And hope to see a dolphin. Don’t miss this great adventure with our professional guide.

Rent a speed boat

You can visit any place along the Istrian coast within a short amount of time if you do it by well-equipped seven-metre speed boat. The main activity on this guided excursion is breath diving through interesting underwater sea life. Renting a boat does not include a skipper service. If you have a valid boat licence, you can go by yourself, or – in the other case – with one of the experienced skippers.


With a help from professional instructors in this adrenalin sport you will explore and experience unbelievable charm and beauty of rock climbing in Park wood Punta Corrente. While nowadays it serves as a climbing spot, in the past Punta Corrente was a quarry for production of stone that was used for building the Venetian palaces. The rocks are located at the very end of the cape, about 20 m from the sea. From there you will have a magnificent view of Rovinj and the islands. For your first climbing steps…

Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching offers a unique insight into a world of dolphins. How they live, how they feed, how they experience the world around them and what you are never allowed to do with the dolphins. All this and a lot more you will find out from a team of experts on dolphins, these unique protected animals. Find out what makes them so special on a several-hour adventure excursion within Rovinj archipelago, in the natural habitat of dolphins.